Thursday January 24th

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The CrossFit Open is upon us. This is the time of year where we get to test ourselves against the rest of the world. We get to test our fitness against the you from a year ago. For those that are new to the Open, you get to lay down a baseline of fitness to compete against next year and to see where you are in the world now. This is a time for our community to cheer one another on as we push the limits of our mental and physical capacity. The Open is special. The Open is unique. Regardless of your fitness level, you should sign up. Let's show the world what CFO is made of. Lets show ourselves what we're made of. Join me and the rest of the coaching staff in some fun, friendly competition. Click on the link below to sign up.

~Coach Jordan

Jog 1 mile & warm-up.
200m Sprint x 8
Jog 1 mile & cool down.

Post 2018 OPEN WOD  Photo Credit: Jordan Gravatt

Post 2018 OPEN WOD

Photo Credit: Jordan Gravatt

Michele Smith