Saturday March 24th

Ladies and gentleman, I need your help. March 23 marks the 15th anniversary of the Battle of An Nasiriyah. Please come together on Saturday morning at 9am and honor the fallen heroes that lost their lives that day. For those that don’t know, my brother Jake Worthington was in this battle and he lost a lot of brothers that day. It would mean a great deal if we could pack the house on Saturday to pay our respects.
Here’s the link to the YouTube video I created last year. ~Jordan Gravatt

Here is the significance of each rep:
59 = wounded in battle
3 rounds = March
12 = 1st Bn 2nd Marines
18 = killed in Action
23 = day in March
1 Clean = a moment in combat when I had drug a wounded Marine to safety, and with his legs shot to shit I tried to pick him up to shoulder carry him and I was unable to complete the task. It is still my motivation behind every CrossFit workout I do, and what I think about when I think I might stop or skip a workout. (With the help of another Marine we did drag him to safety and he is alive and well.)
Buddy Carry 100m = the fire carry that I was unable to accomplish. 100m was about the distance I needed to carry him to get him into the house where we would set up a defensive position.

Michele Smith