Thursday October 19th

“Yappers Bridal Bliss”

Partner Wod



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Partner 1 does Plank while

Partner 2 does 8, ½ Bodyweight Squat Cleans

Partners switch

Followed by..

2 Rounds:

10 Power Cleans

20 Jerks

1 Rope Climb

4 Handstand Push ups

3 Junk Yard Dogs

(partner’s work Simultaneously)



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Each Partner does Buddy Carry to the House of Prayer and Back.

*From the bride to be: Explanation of the WOD

The 8: is for my new last name, Morgeson. The 1/2 weight squat clean and plank: i was half a person before and learned to pick myself up each time i was down. The 2 rounds: both our second marriages. 10/20: wedding date... its what marriage is all about- cleaning and jerking. 1/4/3: i love you... the sky is our limit. We will push thru the hard times. We will have eachother to get things done. Buddy carry: i will carry you when you cant go on and i will let you carry me. We finish this together. We are a team. I found someone who completes me.



Michele Smith