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Why choose CrossFit By Overload?

The reasons to choose Overload are many. Simply put, Overload offers more for less. Our vision is to share our passion of fitness with everyone; from our young kids up to our mature adults. Here is a short list of what we offer that makes us different than the rest.

-We have the largest and most diverse coaching staff, with experts in their fields of specialty

-We have the largest and broadest community of members

-We offer more class times (from 5am to 7:30pm+  See online schedule)


41588-A Eastman Dr., Murrieta, CA 92562

Kira and Jon Levell – Owners

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Crossfit class

A typical class will incorporate a group dynamic warm up, a skill portion to teach the various movements of the daily workout, the actual workout and if time permits, a cool down with mobility. Everyday the workouts are different and you can expect to not be within your comfort zone.Most workouts will include body weight mechanics,olympic weightlifting,cardio endurance and gymnastics.


As a registered CrossFit Endurance team, the focus of the class is to increase overall metabolic conditioning alongside teaching efficient and proper mechanics. The program will utilize three metabolic pathways to increase endurance and stamina. Constantly varied workouts will result in the quickest method to success. Some classes are ran remotely at various locations for variety. See online schedule for details or ask any coach.


All levels are welcome; no prerequisites


Conditioning is one of the most important aspects of your workout. The training modalities in this class are specifically designed to compliment and improve your CrossFit training.

In a single class you will focus on core strength, agility, balance, muscle control, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, and overall strength. Gymnastics tests all muscle groups through isometric body weight exercises. Transitions and progression work is standard in this class. You will become comfortable with the uncomfortable.


All levels are welcome; one must have completed all fundamental classes before attending the Strength & Powerlifting classes.

Olympic Lifting

The Olympic lifting class is designed to improve technique and positioning for the 2 major Olympic lifts; The snatch and the Clean & Jerk. These 2 powerful movements are essential in increasing power, core strength, flexibility and coordination. There is scientific evidence that there is a direct correlation to overall body strength and Olympic lifting. The focus of the class is to perfecting the movement and positioning, not necessarily about how much weight can be lifted. Safety, proper form and technique prevail in this class. Beginners will focus on proper positions before adding weight and speed. Intermediate to advanced lifters will focus on speed and refinement of technique as well.


All levels are welcome; one must have completed all fundamental classes before attending the Olympic Lifting classes.


The mobility class is designed to help improve mechanics and to provide you with the instruction to perform basic maintenance on yourself in order to become a better athlete. The class will teach you how to recover from intense workouts, achieve better positioning and manage soreness all through foam rolling, self-myofascial release, trigger point, self – massage, and stretch band work. This class is about stretching with the intention to increase range of motion and overall mobility. The class will focus on the major body parts that were utilized throughout the week. Mobility and recovery are essential keys to better health and overall increased performance.


All levels are welcome; no prerequisites